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Isla Oro Airén


Completely produced with grapes of the white Airén variety, selected from the vineyards owned by the vinery. It is a dry white wine, with a very pleasant smooth palate, very low acidity and a wide range of fruity aromas.

We discover a pleasant surprise: the extraordinary quality that this variety gives its wines when production is undertaken based on technology and fermentation control, and is appropriately processed.

The Airén grape is among the highest quality standards for the white varieties recognized worldwide. Ideal as an aperitif or as an accompaniment for all types of light and fish dishes.

Best served at 8 - 10º C

Technical specifications

  • Geographical indication: Denominación de Origen La Mancha.
  • Grape variety: 100 % Airén
  • Year of vintage: 2015.
  • Fermentation: 8 days at 15º C.
  • Stay in bottle: Minimum 2 months.
  • Container: 75-Cl. glass bottle.
  • Alcohol content: 12% Vol.