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Isla Oro Tempranillo


Produced with grapes of the Tempranillo variety, the most prestigious red grape in Spain, known in other regions of Spain as Cencibel or Tinto Fino. Its marked aroma, limited productivity and great delicacy give this wine all the characteristics sought by lovers of good wine.

Floral aromas typical of its youth, and an intense cherry colour express the freshness of the grape, keeping a smooth and lively taste in the mouth.

Best at temperatures of around 15º C, recommended to accompany all kinds of meats, cheeses and appetizers.

Technical specifications

  • Geographical indication: Denominación de Origen La Mancha.
  • Grape variety: 100 % Tempranillo.
  • Year of vintage: 2015.
  • Maceration: 10 days at 26º C.
  • Stay in bottle: Minimum 2 months.
  • Container: 75-Cl. glass bottle.
  • Alcohol content: 12.50 % Vol.