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Bodegas Isla has 200 hectares of its own vineyards, with the Tempranillo, Airén and Garnacha varieties. Controlling the land is how we produce wines which are full of expressiveness. Our varieties are:

Tempranillo: Considered to be the red grape of the most prestigious quality in Spain, also known in our area as Cencibel. Its production is very limited and its quality excellent. Perfectly adapted to our climate and lands, it is the main constituent of our best wines.

Garnacha: We work hard to select the plant best suited to our needs from the wide range of "garnachas" in existence, and finally obtained the grape we were looking for. They produce balanced wines, with medium acidity and alcohol content, and a stable colour. Perfect for producing great rosé wines.

Airén: A fresh, aromatic grape, very suitable for the production of young and traditional wines. It is the most common white grape in the central area and produces dry wines, with a very pleasant smooth palate, very low acidity and a wide range of fruity aromas.