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About us

From the heart of La Mancha

From the vineyard to the glass

We are in the heart of La Mancha, on the south bank of the Cigüela river, 625 m above sea level. This is land of limestone soils, ideal for winegrowing. Our lands receive a large amount of sunlight, with maximum temperatures rising to above 40ºC during the summer and scarce rainfall of around 350 litres per year. The combination of these factors inspired winemaker Francisco Isla Molina, who, in the last decade of the nineteenth century, founded our winery with the certainty of being able to offer high quality wines.
His successors have maintained and renewed this enthusiasm from generation to generation and continue to do so today. This combination of long tradition, acquired expertise and the love for these lands and its fruits, make Bodegas Isla as one of the most deeply-rooted wineries in Spain.
Our processes

Tradition and modernity

We maintain a combination of both tradition and modernity in our winemaking processes that allow us to continually improve without renouncing the inherited knowledge that our ancestors worked so hard to achieve.

Our wines

Perfect combination

Our wine production is the result of a combination of tradition, technology and strict controls throughout the entire winemaking process.

Warehouses with wooden beams from the end of the nineteenth century, oak barrels and cold stabilizing, work in combination with microbic and tangential filtration, automatic vinification tanks, temperature control during fermentation, and photovoltaic energy.

Combining modern know-how with generations of tradition in the Isla family, to make noble wines of character and originality.

The heart of our wines

Our vineyards

Our own vineyards occupy an area of 200 hectares of Tempranillo, Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Parellada, Garnacha Tintorera and Airen grape varieties.
We also manage the production of another 500 hectares from 80 local farmers, supporting and enhancing the economic network of our area while generating wealth and value.
Most of our own vineyards are located on the Monte Milla country estate, the true heart of our wines. Year after year, it surprises us with the health and vigour of these vines and the quality of their grapes continue to surprise us. By preserving and conserving this land, we are able to produce expressive, personality-driven wines full of the flavour of the terroir.
Our special weather conditions make our vineyards especially resistant to pests and diseases. Cold winters, hot summers and low rainfall naturally act against fungi and insects.
We are a certified organic vineyard and no systemic fungicides, pesticides or chemical herbicides are used on the vines.

Of our own vineyards


From local farmers

Years of experience

Winery founded in 1891

The Soil

Our soil is rocky, covered by a layer of white limestone that keeps humidity in and repels the light. Further down, the large amount of limestone prevents compaction and oxygenates the soil, allowing the roots to dig deeper in search of nutrients. The soils are alkaline and not fertile, ideal therefore for vineyard cultivation.
Pluviometry: Very low rainfall during the year. Between 300 and 350 litres/year.
Hours of sunshine: With 2550 hours of sunshine per year. This privileged condition allows us different orientations for the vineyard.
Altitude: Plateau at 625 metres above sea level with very little variation between plots.
Temperature: Dry and hot summers with maximum temperatures close to 45ºC and cold winters with occasional frosts of approximately -5ºC. The proximity of the river Ciguela grant our terroir with a mild spring climate, with very low probability of frost damaging the vineyard once they have budded.