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Tradition, technology and process control

Our wines are the result of the combination of tradition, technology and strict control over the whole production process. Vine growers and producers of wine for more than 100 years. The knowledge of our land and vineyards enables us to harvest the best grapes. Experience and technological adaptation turn them into a great wine.


From the vineyard to the glass

We are in the heart of La Mancha, on the south bank of the river Cigüela, 625m above sea level. Home to calcareous lands, ideal for the cultivation of the grapevine. Our countryside receives a large amount of sunlight, with maximum temperatures of 38ºC in summer and limited rainfall of around 350 litres a year.

The combination of these factors sparked the dream of Francisco Isla Molina, who in the first decade of the XX century founded our winery with the confidence of being able to offer high quality wines.

Following this first step, generation after generation of his successors have maintained and renewed this dream until today. This combination of tradition, acquired knowledge and care for the land and its fruits, make Bodegas Isla one of the most firmly established wineries in Spain.


Contact us

Bodegas Isla S.L.

Ntra. Sra. de La Paz , 9th street

13210, Villarta de San Juan. Ciudad Real (Spain)

Phone/Fax: [34] 926640004


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